Here you will find some nice paper models of satellites, spacecrafts and sounding rockets. Some are free to download and some can be purchased at ecardmodels website at a decent price.

Other Paper Model Websites

On the drawing board

ADM-Aeolus - completed, waiting for launch date.

KhalifaSat - almost completed, waiting for launch date.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship


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Paper models, also called card models, "pepakura" or papercraft, are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper, paperboard, card stock, or foam.

Origami is the process of making a paper model by folding a single paper without using glue or cutting. Card modeling is making scale models from sheets of cardstock on which the parts were printed, usually in full color. These pieces would be cut out, folded, scored and glued together. Pepakura is the art of combining these model types to build complex creations such as human, spacecraft, aviation, automobiles, animals, military, architectural structures and most anything you can think of.

Numerous models are available on the Internet at little or no cost, which can then be downloaded and printed on inexpensive inkjet printers has caused its popularity again to increase worldwide. Home printing also allows models to be scaled up or down easily.

NOTE, A couple were designed by someone else but had to do a complete makeover by fixing parts that did not fit, designed more detail parts for the model, and added color and texture graphics.


Most files are in a "ZIP" format with the ".zipx" file extension. They contain both the model and the instructions files which are in PDF format. The program WinZip can unzip these files for use. You can also remove the "X" from the .zipx extension (.zip) to unzip these files using other file decompression programs.

Currently - 124 models. Some kits contain more than one model
Check back often for updates.

New releases - January, 2018

1st Beer Keg Rocket
2nd Beer Keg Rocket
Raytheon MIM-23 Hawk Missile
Pencil 300 and Pencil 2stage version - Updated with corrected colors.
ISARA cubesat